Team BobbyGitr

Hot Peppa Mama and Bobby G Himself

Robert Hansen #78422
Brandy Hansen (n/a)

Brandy works as the Garden Manager and maintains everything plant related from sprout to sauce.  She also acts as the primary face of our sales force during farmer's markets and disc golf events. 

Robert is the Team Captain and maintains all aspects of the disc golf side of the business.  Don't be mistaken, it's not all about discing, he's also the head sauce chef, and is always working to bring out new flavors and heat levels in our home grown hot sauce.

Together, these two are working to turn a small dream into a reality as they carve up the course and the peppers to bring you the best local discs and most amazing hot sauce.

Who's that Disc Golfer?

BobbyGitr Peppers and Discs is PLEASED to announce that very shortly we will be adding TWO new members of the team!  Who could it be?  Just wait and find out!