BobbyGitr Peppers and Discs



Why Us?

Members of BobbyGitr Peppers and Discs have helped with the design/re-design and creation of several courses, including the re-design efforts at P.J. Irvin Park in Bloomington, the original Highland Golf Temp Course, and most recently a 9-hole course at Illinois District Camp.  Our abilities and experience as disc golfers and course designers can help you create a local course that meets all of the most important requirements.  


But what does it cost?

As we are also retailers, we have access to nearly every brand of baskets and are able to offer you special pricing to make sure your course goes in the ground at YOUR budget!  Spend as little or as much as you want - let your course goals determine how far you want to go!  Most baskets range from $225-350, but not every course needs to have the highest quality, championship level basket.  We will help guide you through your selection process and give accurate feedback on the pros and cons of any basket selection.


What's the first step?

Just reach out to us via phone, e-mail, or Facebook.  We are always willing to meet, and even begin drafting up a design, completely free of charge.  Growing the sport to newer parks and communities is one of our primary goals, and we want to help you put a course in your area that is safe, fun, and challenging.

Follow up costs will entirely depend on the amount of work performed directly by BobbyGitr Peppers and Discs - services include creation of signage, course maps, and even installation of tee pads and baskets as needed.  We can help you through the whole process.