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Peppers and Discs - two entirely different and seemingly unrelated passions.  For us, these concepts go hand in hand.  Both started as a simple hobby, branching from a love of the outdoors, and have grown to be so much more.


The Peppers

For years now, we have not only grown hot peppers, we have worked and worked at mastering our own BobbyGitr Brand of Hot Sauce.  Our mission has been to offer locally grown ILLINOIS hot sauce.  Now, for the first time in 2018, we will be able to legally sell our sauces at Farmers Markets throughout the state.  Our garden this year will feature a combination of some of the hottest peppers you can find, as well as a variety of other herbs, fruits and vegetables that are included in our special recipes.



As for disc golf, we have always been "frisbee enthusiasts."  It was not until 2010 we were introduced to a sport which has changed the course of our lives.  Played as a hobby for the first few years, it was not until 2015 that our founder, Robert "BobbyGitr" Hansen, played in his first sanctioned tournament and began to "get serious."  This store is more than just an attempt to pay our way through disc golf circuits.  Our primary goal to grow the sport throughout McLean County and Illinois, and more importantly, in time become the face of disc golf in Bloomington/Normal.  We want to be the place you go if you disc golf in Normal or Bloomington!

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