Meet Team BBG

Robert "Bobby Gitr " Hansen


Founder of BobbyGitr Peppers and Discs, inventor of BobbyGitr Brand Hot Sauce, and golf disc afficianado, there are only two words necessary to describe him - Mmmm, Spicy.  As a disc golfer, Robert prides himself on his ability to throw equally forehand and backhand, but prefers throwing putter annies <- the "funnest throw in disc golf."

PDGA #78422

Favorite Discs:

Legacy Patriot

Legacy Pursuit

Millenium Quasar

Dynamic Discs Suspect

Favorite Hot Sauce:

2016's GF Fatalii

Brandy "Hot Peppa Mama" Hansen


Manager of all things plant related, Brandy is head of both Botany and Shipping.  If you receive a package from BBG, it was likely packed or inspected by this gal!

Favorite Discs:

Westside Discs Tursas

Westside Discs Underworld

Brandon Pyell


Brandon is MORE than just our token leftie, he jockies back and forth for the title of "highest rated pepper."  Brandon can be found representing at tournaments across Illinois, as well as assisting with BobbyGitr Events and Clinics.

PDGA #48591

Favorite Discs:

Innova Super Stingray

Prodigy Pa3

Discmania P2

Patrick King


Disc Golf Event Coordinator for BobbyGitr Peppers and Discs.   If we are hosting an event, you can bet that not only will you see him there, he probably participated in at least some aspect of planning or set up.  Not just an enthusiast, the man plays too!  

PDGA #78980

Favorite Discs:

Dynamic Discs Evidence

Discmania "Doom Bird" FD3

Westside Discs Anvil

Elijah Miller


Affectionately known as "Wittle" to his teammates, Elijah has been playing disc golf for only a few years, yet has come a long way through the help of many mentors including Mr. BBG himself. He strives for greatness through rigorous practice, and absolutely loves the sport of disc golf. 

PDGA #90515

Favorite Discs:

Innova Aviar X3

Discmania FD3